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Internship Program

To apply to join our Internship Program, you must first complete our Internship Packet and Agreement, and also complete our online registration, where you will need to UPLOAD a completed copy of that Internship Packet and Agreement for consideration into the program.

Below are the categories within which potential interns may find opportunities with CleveItToUs 

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Production Assistant

Production Assistants work with staff, interns, interviewees, crew and/or other individuals, during the production and filming of a CleveItToUs segment, to ensure that the process runs smoothly This includes coordination between roles to ensure that equipment is working properly, people are where they need to be, and doing what they need to be doing to be as efficient and successful as possible throughout the filming. Production assistants also keep track of who is there and what there role is. While working in this role, you will be responsible for ensuring that everyone that represents CleveItToUs is in compliance with the program’s guidelines and role responsibilities.


Those with filming roles on CleveItToUs are tasked with collecting video footage (which could consist of A-Role, B-Role, or the live-streaming of the behind-the-scenes activity of the segment production on the CleveItToUs social pages) for use in episodes, segments, and promotional materials for the show. Main rig operators are responsible for ensuring the proper capturing of A-Role video, and also in charge of keeping the sound from the on-cam mics running smoothly and alerting staff of malfunctions immediately as they occur. B-Role film operators are tasked with collecting relevant and creative shots that will be used in the editing process for the purpose of illustrating the point being made by the individual(s) on-cam (A-Role). Social cam operators are in charge of running social media live streams to capture behind-the-scenes footage of segments being shot. This role involves the direct communication with the on-air interviewer as relevant questions asked by social viewers should be relayed, by you, via that audio link.


Story Contributors (Writers)

As a Writer for CleveItToUs, you have the opportunity to share incredible stories of Cleveland with a massive audience. Stories can be related to small businesses, events, music, art, food, culture, and more. As long as it relates to Cleveland, is not political and is positive in nature, your stories can be shared on the CleveItToUs platform. All articles contributed by writers, credit the writer for that content, on the article on the site and is pushed out throughout the platforms various social platforms.


Video editors play a critical role in CleveItToUs. These individuals take all footage from a segment (A & B Roll) and edit it together to match not only the style and theme of the show for a consistent look as it relates to other similar segments, but also to match the allocated time allowance for that episode. This is a very detail oriented role and requires the professional to be skilled at editing, timing, music synchronization, audio synchronization and equalization, and video formatting.


Segment Coordinators

Segment Coordinators are the key to us being able to have our episodes. These individuals work behind the scenes to setup segments. This means reaching out to business owners, event coordinators, exceptional figures, and more; to learn about their business/talents/event, determine if a segment would align with the CleveItToUs mission, and if so, organization the implementation of that segment with the business/coordinator/individual AND CleveItToUs production staff.

Digital Marketing & Development

These individuals are responsible for capturing, gathering, and creating content for CleveItToUs social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, etc) to increase the show’s reach, engagement and appeal. This may be the marketing of upcoming segments, published articles, behind-thescenes footage, quick spotlights, and general marketing campaigns. This role involves working with individuals in other positions to sometimes gather content for such campaigns.


Sponsorship Coordination

Sponsorship is how CleveItToUs is able to operate and grow to continue to provide relevant and positive stories about Cleveland to our community and those interested in visiting (or learning more about it). As a Sponsorship Coordinator, your job is to reach out to potential sponsors and share the benefits of becoming a CleveItToUs Sponsor. This may involve going over pricing, customizing sponsorship plans to suit the needs of that Sponsor, and more. Sponsorship Coordinator roles can easily turn into a full-time employment opportunity following the completion of an internship, based on the success an individual has in this role.

On-Cam Talent

Normally, only the show host “Gremi” is on cam, however, there are instances when he either cannot be, or needs commentary or contributions from others. This is where some opportunities may arise for those interested in being On-Cam Talent. This may involve Segment Promotion/Commentary, Sports, Events, Food, Music, General Small Business, Exceptional Figures, and more.


If You're Interested in Becoming an Intern, You Must Download and Complete our Internship Packet and Agreement, and then register online for our program. The packet MUST be completed first as we will need you to upload a scanned copy of it during the registration process. Both steps can be accessed below.

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