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CleveItToUs is a local show and media segment launched in December of 2022 and hosted by Gremi, where viewers are taken on a journey in and around Cleveland as we laugh, play and explore the small businesses, art, culture, events and history that makes up our city. CleveItToUs strives to create an immersive experience for all viewers, allowing them to get up close and personal with the businesses, the business owners, the folks who work behind the scenes and so much more.

About Gremi

Gremi is a native Clevelander and the host of the popular video news series, CleveItToUs. Known for his goofy, personable demeanor, Gremi uses his platform to explore all that Cleveland has to offer. He meets with small business owners, cooks in the kitchens of small family diners, jams with local musicians, and drives race cars with local car clubs. Through his series, Gremi shines a light on the amazing experiences that Cleveland has to offer to natives and travelers alike.

A lifelong advocate for supporting local businesses, Gremi encourages his viewers to shop small whenever they can. He believes in the power of community and the importance of learning about the unique experiences that can be found around every corner of Cleveland.

Gremi grew up on the East Side of Cleveland, where his family has lived for six generations. He has been an entrepreneur for nearly two decades, working in the arts and media industries. Gremi has collaborated with big names in the music industry, broadcasting, and film, and is known for his love of creating and stimulating the senses.

Gremi is married and has three daughters, with his eldest daughter serving as a production assistant on CleveItToUs. She can often be found at Gremi's side, assisting with the filming and audio tasks of a new segment. Gremi's love for his city and community is evident in everything he does, and he continues to use CleveItToUs as a platform to showcase the beauty and diversity of Cleveland.

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